2017 Liberty Party Shop, KRIEG, Hasslet
2016 Disguise the Limits, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin
2015 Balor’s Mega Ballistic Gall Stones, G126, Galway
2015 The ERROR CELL # 1: G2: Native Cog Dissidents, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin
2015 Paintings for Atheists, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Art15 London
2014 Serf-Vice Paintings, Art Brussels, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin
2013 The Most Conservative Game in Town, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin
2013 The 2nd Most Conservative Game in Town, Ormston House, Limerick
2012 Won-Nil, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin.
2011 HD SOFTCORE, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angles
2011 A Title in a Haystack (2 Bit Part time Amateur Productions), Triskel Arts Center, Cork
2010 Genuine Irish Mug, Catalyst Arts, Belfast
2010 A Colonial Subject in Washington DC, Solus Nua, Washington DC
2010 A Lively Start to a Dead End, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin
2009 Heavens Full and the Fire Escapes are Locked, Heavens Full, London
2009 UGLY LOVELY, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin
2008 Tax Prayers Money, Public Sculpture Commission, Sligo Corporation
2007 Static TV, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny
2005 Showy Off Shit, Process Room, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
2004 AH FUCK, not another art video, The Goethe Institute, Dublin
2003 Feeding the Well-Feed, The Goethe Institute, Dublin


2021 The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now, Chapter 2: The Anthropocene’, Irish Museum of Modern Art
2020  Avoiding the collapse into a series of major -isms. Selections of European art , Tuscon Museum of Art
2019 Together Now the Engagement Project, West Cork Arts Centre
2018 P is for Portrait, The Art House Worcester in association with  Division of Labor
2018 There’s no place like Space , Kevin Kavanagh, Manchester Art Fair
2018 Requiem for the Future Tense, WIELS Art Book Fair, Brussels,  in association with KRIEG
2017 Vacuum Packed Vacation, SCHARFSTELLEN_2, Rotor, Graz
2017 Overpainted Underpainting, The Way Things Go: A homage, Butler Gallery,Kilkenny
2016 IMMA Collection: A Decade, IMMA, Dublin
2016 IAWATST, Dublin Castle
2016 Engagment, Andrew Pike & KCAT Collobration, Kilkenny Arts Week
2016 Carnage Visors, Rua Red, Dublin

2015 RHA Annual, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin
2014 Art for Gaza, Oonagh Young Gallery
2014 Instant Crush, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin
2014 The Carny, FLOOD, Dublin
2014 Coexist, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin
2014 Boyle Arts Festival, Boyle  
2013 Play, Gothenburg Biennial 2013, Sweden
2013 Measures for Saving the World, < rotor >, Graz, Austria
2013 To Have and Have Not, HALLE 14 Leipzig, Germany
2013 To Have and Have Not, ACC Galerie Weimar, Germany
2013 The Future Perfect: We are here, RUBICON PROJECTS, Brussels
2013 I want to be your Dog, The Glue Factory, Glasgow
2012 Newtopia, Mechelen, Belgium
2012 Cutting a Door, The Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, China
2012 Last, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin
2012 PERIPHERIES, Gorey school of Art
2012 The Rise and Fall of Meritocracy, Vice & Virtue, Kinsale Arts Week
2012 Horse Show, RHA, Dublin
2012 Into the Light: The Arts Council – 60 Years of Supporting the Arts, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork
2011 Preview 2012, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin
2011 Pallas Periodical Review, Pallas Projects, Dublin
2011 Dublin Contemporary, Dublin
2011 Memory of a Hope, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool
2011 CARTOON, Silver Cloud Gallery, London
2011 From Us, Through Them, To You, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny
2011 Three Colours /Yellow, Soma Contemporary, Waterford
2011 The Horse Show, Kinsale Arts Week, Kinsale, Cork
2011 Twenty, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
2011 Terminal Convention – Cork Airport, NSF/Static, Cork
2011 Wake Amusements – Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles
2010 Blasphemy, The Dock, Leitrim
2010 Something tells me it’s all happening at the zoo, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin
2010 Ten Years Hunting [The Trophy Room], Parkers Box, Brooklyn
2010 Shop If You Can, Look If You Wan , St. Patricks Festival, Dublin
2010 Backwater Twenty-10, Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork
2010 Blasphemy, Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin
2009 ABOVE THE FOLD, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin
2009 Paper Work, Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin
2009 Moraltarantualla III,The summer of the Vernunft, Valentinskamp 34A, Hamburg
2009 Offcenter, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin
2009 The Gold Standard, NES, Skagaströnd, Iceland
2009 Richtiger als Falsch, Galerie Conradi, Hamburg
2009 Grin & Bear It, Cruel humour in art and life, Glucksman, UCC, Cork
2009 Trouble in Paradise: Examining Discord in Nature and Society, Tucson Museum of Art, Arizona  
2008 Gems from the Collection, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny
2008 ART IN THE LIFE WORLD, Ballymun, Dublin
2007 The Big Store, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin
2007 Thirty Two Thousand Years Later, Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin
2007 Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Aqua Arts Fair, Miami
2007 07Arts Fair, London – Kevin Kavanagh Gallery
2007 Zoo Art Fair, London – Colony Art Gallery
2007 Docks Art Fair, Lyon – Kevin Kavanagh Gallery
2007 Drunken Boat, Colony Gallery, Birmingham
2007 Paintaholics #2, Product Arts Festival, Varna, Bulgaria
2007 Moraltarantualla, Electrohaus, Hamburg
2007 Plastercine, Group Show Monster Truck
2007 Group Show, Fenton Gallery, Cork         
2007 Group Show, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin
2006 X-Mass the Spot, Driaocht, Blanchardstown, Dublin
2006 The First and Last and Always, Axis Arts Center, Ballymun, Dublin
2006 Fun Factory, Baltimore, Maryland
2006 Failure, Kilkenny Arts Festival
2006 126 Gallery Presents, Galway Arts Center
2006 Utopias, Eigse, Carlow
2006 Spréacha, Driaocht, Blanchardstown, Dublin
2006 Ding Dong, Altona, Hamburg, Germany
2006 EV+A 2006, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick
2006 Black: Implication Flooding, Colony Gallery, Birmingham
2006 126 Gallery, Galway
2006 Platform 1, Cavan
2005 A moment in Time, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin
2005 Faculty of Failure, Where’s Me culture?, Cork
2005 Eurojet Futures 2005, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin
2005 Flagged, Visualise, Carlow
2005 From the Liberties to Parramatta, Parramatta Campus, Australia
2005 R.H.A. Annual Exhibition, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin
2004 Eurojet Futures 2004, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin
2004 Contemporary Art in the Cathedral, St. Finbarre’s Cathedral, Cork
2004 Looking for Clues, Chamber of Cashel UDC, Cashel
2004 Summer Short’s, Parkers Box, Brooklyn
2004 Retreat Billboards, Sydney
2004 Electric Rain, Club 1, Cork
2004 R.H.A. Annual Exhibition, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin
2003 50/50, Temple Bar Galley, Dublin
2003 Us Live, Guinness Store House, Dublin
2003 NCAD MA, Virtual Realities, Dublin
2001 Vacationland, Arthouse, Dublin
2000 NCAD Degree Show, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin
1998 The Mighty Right Show, Fuse 98, Crawford Art College, Cork
1997 Bridget Murphy Dunne, Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork
1997 Articulate Intelligence, Infusion, University of Limerick
1996 Mental Exercise, Volume, Crawford Municipal Art Gallery
1996 Shambolic, Intermedia, Triskel Arts Center, Cork
1996 Beuys Black Board, Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork
1995 Pain-Thing Diploma Show, Limerick School of Art & Design
1994 Title Unknown, Limerick City Gallery of Art
1994 In The Beginning, Limerick City Gallery of Art
1988 Secondary Schools Exhibition, Group Show, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin
1988 Secondary Schools Exhibition, Group Show, Butler Gallery Kilkenny

Group Collaborations
(2016- ) Andrew Pike / Nevan Lahart
2 Bit Part time Amateur Productions
(1994-2011) Terry Blake / Nevan Lahart
(2006-2011) Thomas Marcus Schumann / Nevan Lahart
Bridget Murphy Dunne
(1997) Declan Kennedy /Augustine O’Donoghue / Nevan Lahart

2001-03    MA Virtual Realities, National College of Art and Design, Dublin
1998-00    Degree Fine Art, National College of Art and Design, Dublin
1992-95    Diploma Fine Art, Limerick School of Art and Design

Visiting Lecturer
National College of Art and Design, Dublin
Dun Laoighre Institute of Art & Technology, Dublin
CalArts, California
Syracuse University, New York
Galway Mayo Institute of Technology
Limerick School of Art & Design
Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork
Sligo Institute of Technology
Waterford Institute of Technology
Dublin Institute of Technology
Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg
KCAT Studios, Kilkenny

Culture Ireland 2011, 2017
Arts Council Bursary; 2005, 2006, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 & 2017
Arts Council Materials Award; 2000 & 2001

2013  I.A.S.P.I.S, Gothenburg
2011  18th Street Art Studio, Santa Monica
2010  Solus Nua, Washington D.C.
2005  Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin                                                          
2003  St Andrews Community Centre, Rialto, Dublin
1998  National Sculpture Factory, Cork

Lisser Art Museum, Netherlands
Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson, Arizona
The Arts Council of Ireland
Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
Butler Gallery, Kilkenny
Bank of Ireland, Dublin
Office of Public Works, Ireland