Facilitated Failure // 2005

Facilitated Failure // 2005

Where’s Me Culture? // European Capital of Culture // Cork

FACULTY of FAILURE* (Rusty Manifesto)

* I’m doing good it took me 6 days to put this notice up, I am sometimes surprised by my professionalism.

Outline as to why I am here, to answer your question, ‘What’s this for?’

I got offered the bus, or rather the Vehicle, for to weeks to put on an ___ show. In the ___ game opportunities are few and far between, so you tend to go into automatic pilot and go yeah, yeah, no bother I can do that, which I duly did.

The plan was to wing it and freestyle it, hope for the best and see what I come up with, my justification is that it might emulate and mirror the organising of Cork’s year of capital culture.

Initially. I thought I could answer the ‘Where’s me culture’ question in smart arse style and drive the bus up to Dublin, where I reside, Ha-Ha me and my friends laughed. The laughing was short lived with that one liner. A new plan was devised to put on a pirate radio show and transmitted a signal for your reception. That plan seems to have fallen on its head for the time being. It’ll be too expensive and a lot of hassle for something that you would be highly unlikely to tune in and I wouldn’t blame you.

Presently I am undergoing a sort of artistic crisis, not an artistic block, I should state. An artistic crisis’ in this game these are common enough and are part of the territory if not a tad melodramatic. (Kinda’ like St Augustine’s doubts, it helps to makes the faith stronger). If you are going to have a creative crisis you should make the most of it. Nothing like washing your dirty laundry in public.

So I have decided to set up a Faculty of Failure and hedge my bets. If you fail you succeed and if you succeed you fail with your Kudos bulging in your pockets. The object is to use the bus like a studio and make a bit of the auld ___ at my own pleasurable pace.

I have a big problem with organised culture shin-digs and it’s woo wa extravaganza factor, saying that it’s a safe bet to say it wouldn’t be that. Anyway, I  reckon ye Lee folk must be sick of the culture at this stage

And I’m tired of always trying to outdo yourself and come up with the good goods.