Budget Basement Bargain Culture Sculpture // 2012

Budget Basement Bargain Culture Sculpture // 2012

Rejected Public Sculpture Commissions: No.6 // Temple Bar Galley & Studios // Dublin

Proposal For a Public Sculpture Commission

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios Public Art Commission 2012/2013



Budget Basement Bargain Culture Sculpture



General Outline

To turn the wall of Temple Bar Gallery and Studio into an iconic destination for tourist to have their photograph taken.This will be achieved by pasting photocopied images of Bono and Bob Geldof onto the wall.‘THE WALL OF SHAME’ will be stenciled above the images. See illustration.

A Bit More Detail

My proposal for the Temple Bar Public Art Commission is very modest in nature.This is in part due to its cost effectiveness. It will not incur any cost. I have all the tools needed to do the job. A ladder, wallpaper paste, photocopies, sealant, stencils and spray paint,. Safety will be supplied by some friends in hi-vis jackets securing the ladder and shooing buskers and drunks away.There are philosophical reasons for the cost effectiveness, other than the fact that it is the alluded to in the title.

This is a shabby proposal but I feel I can afford the shabbiness as it is so cheap its nearly free.
Cheap meaning I will only be paid €600 artist commission fee for this proposal.
The reason why the images are placed so low is that it will be cheaper to use a ladder than hire some height.
In the Illustration the Images are black and white. I toyed around with colour versions, they looked better, but come with technical difficulties with affixing the ink. But they fail on the criteria of cheapness. Aesthetics were jettisoned.
Lighting had to go. There’s adequate on street lighting and it goes against cost effectiveness.
You can’t be seen to be making money doing this kind of thing
The subject matter dictates the cheapness.

Scale Model of the Proposed Sculpture on show in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios. It was made after the proposal was rejected by the the Commission Panel.