Blasé Infirmary // 2010

Blasé Infirmary // 2010
Blasphemy //  Oonagh Young Gallery // Dublin

I need your Cooperation to complete this work


Picture a scene in your head. In this picture I want you to imagine God doing absolutely filthy despicable things to people, animals or whatever upsets you the most. Really filthy things, ones not fit for repeating. Go on search the Bowels of your brain. Don’t be afraid, the thoughts are in there, because God put them there. I want you to hold on to those terrible visions. Keep holding them in your head.

Now walk down to the nearest Garda Station and report this blatant piece of blasphemy to the authorities.

These words are not to be considered as satire or any other form of artistic endeavour. They were written and published to have no artistic merit whatsoever but specially designed to generate blasphemous thoughts, images and ideas to provoke religious outrage and challenge the Blasphemy Law in Ireland.

Oh Lord protect us from what we think we see // Text, Digital Print // 21 x 29 cm // 2010