Begora-Ha! // 2000

Begora-Ha! // 2000

a 2 bit part-time amateur production* // Fine Art Degree Show // NCAD //  Dublin

*Terry Blake & Nevan Lahart

DV PAL // Duration 64min


The Film depicts 5000 years of Irish History, as seen through the eyes of a family of Leprechauns. It started out as an idea to make an educational pigeon Irish language program using puppetry. It morphed into an Irish history program for kids and genealogical tourists. One to make Mick Collins run for the Hollywood Hills.
We initially wanted it to be ropey and fairly wooden, but as the filming got going we thought we had something special on our hands. Fantasies about a low budget masterpiece rattled and rebounded inside our little oversized brains. When all was finished we saw the resultant footage and reverted back to our initial idea of wooden rope. All in all a success all round. Filmed and unrehearsed in 15hrs with a cast of 11 and a budget of £600. Riddled with high jinx and wonky tomfoolery.